Phase 1


Choose from a variety of different preconfigured models that you will be able to customize & fine-tune later


Start fresh by creating your own custom model based on your unique requirements .

Select a model

Once set up, Team Choice allows the siting project manager to initiate stakeholder surveys to calibrate the siting model. On smartphones stakeholders complete the surveys, which are used to compare the relative importance of siting criteria and determine the relative suitability of areas to host a new facility.

Phase 2


The spatial analysis engine within Team Choice is used to create suitability maps based on stakeholder input. The suitability maps are evaluated to produce corridors which emphasize alternative perspectives.

Phase 3


The siting team identifies alternate routes using the corridors as guidance. Team Choice produces charts and metrics used to evaluate alternate routes. The Alternate Route Evaluation Model is used to identify the top routes. The siting team uses the route selection model to identify the preferred route based on the most important siting criteria.

Video Guide

  • Team Choice Overview

  • Model Overview

  • Alternate Corridor Setup

  • Study Setup

  • Alternate Corridor Study

  • Alternate Route Setup

  • Alternate Route Study

  • Create Expert Judgement Model

  • Expert Judgement Study

  • Conclusion