Team Choice allows infrastructure developers to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to make siting decisions that are objective, quantifiable, and defensible.

  • Fast Survey Gathering

    In a workshop or remotely, stakeholders can provide input using a smartphone or other device

  • Greater Acceptance

    By leveraging stakeholder input and objective analysis, siting decisions are more defensible

  • Simplicity & Convenience

    Supported by experts, Team Choice guides the siting project manager through all steps of the methodology

  • Documentation & Recording

    From stakeholder input to route evaluation, all data leveraged to make decisions is easily accessible

  • Inclusive Process

    Siting project teams, internal stakeholders, and external stakeholders are leveraged to make siting decisions

  • Identify Deviations

    Easily highlight the differences in alternative routes

  • Visualize & Compare

    Standardized data produces simple graphs and maps at each step of the process

  • Increase Transparency

    Rationale for data-driven decisions is easily accessible

  • Meaningful Input

    Team Choice facilitates objective input before decisions are made

  • Minimize Impact & Cost

    Impacts to people and the natural environment are quantified as well as project construction costs

  • Minimize Scheduling Delays

    By using a standardized siting methodology, the route selection and permitting process is more predictable

  • Stay in control

    • quantifiable

      Siting decisions are supported with objective data

    • consistent

      A standardized methodology enables siting professionals to remain consistent across multiple projects

    • defensible

      Siting decisions are more defensible when based on a well-known siting methodology that contains objective stakeholder input

    Team Choice is designed to work on any device. The project management interface is optimize for web browsers and stakeholder input is accomplished with either mobile or desktop device. Mac, PC, iOS or Android users can leverage Team Choice through a web browser.

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