Team Spatial consultants have led numerous companies in developing internal siting models including Georgia Power Company, Exelon Power Generation, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Pepco Holdings, Inc., Georgia Transmission Corporation, Kentucky Utilities, Big Rivers Electric Corporation, East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Manitoba Hydro and more.

This process involves facilitating workshops to model input from internal experts from engineering, environmental, public relations, real estate, and others. The model development is typically described in a report like these. One state legislative research committee called the EPRI-GTC Transmission Line Siting Methodology (Team Spatial consultants being co-developers) the “…best known method…”.


  • EPRI-GTC Overhead Electric Transmission Line Siting Methodology

    This report describes research sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and Georgia Transmission Corporation. While this report is dated and the methodology has been enhanced over time, it describes the genesis of the methodology.

  • Manitoba – Minnesota Transmission Project

    Manitoba Hydro used the EPRI-GTC Siting Methodology to site a 213 km 500kV transmission line from Winnipeg, Canada to the U.S border. Their regulator, Manitoba Clean Energy Commission, evaluated the project and produced this report.

  • Kentucky Legislative Research Commission Report

    In their review of siting methodologies, the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission stated “the method developed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and Georgia Transmission Corporation (GTC) is the best known of these new systems”.

  • Siting model adapted for use in Kentucky

    Created a Kentucky Siting Model that has been used on multiple projects throughout the state. This report describes the stakeholder collaboration process that was used to produce this model.